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Games not running properly at all.

Question asked by xsixonethirdx on Sep 9, 2015

I have a ASUS 7870 graphics card. No matter what game it is or what settings it is set to the game constantly locks up and freezes randomly. I could be simply panning left and right and it will lock up for a good 2-3 seconds sometimes even longer. The card is running at about 53°C under load with latest drivers installed. It could even be an older game and it will still do it. I've tried looking online but I'm not really sure what I would look for cause I wasn't sure how I could google it without entering a paragraph into the search bar. I've had the card about 3 years now and its been doing it for about the last 2. I just kind of learned to deal with it but lately its been happening more often and longer. I thought it was the cpu but its the same apu/mobo combo that I was able to run most of the same games just as well before I had even bought the dedicated graphics card without the random lag spikes.


I have : AMD A8-3870k at 3.00ghz

8gb g.skill ram

ASUS 7870 2gb