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R9 390, video driver crashing issue

Question asked by haytham on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by thewebsiteisdown

Hello everyone, first I have to precise that I'm french so excuse me if there is some english mistakes in my post.
So I bought a R9 390 mid july in order to replace my old graphic card that was not working anymore. The card worked perfectly in the only game I played at this time which was Witcher 3. I didn't have any crash or any artifact. But when I tried to play other games like Grand Theft Auto V, Ark or Total War : Attila I encountered several crash in all of those games. The game that crash the most is Ark where I can't even play for more than 2 minutes without a driver crash.

When my games crash the screen saturate and it goes black for 2 seconds and then a message show up to tell me that video driver has crashed and that windows recover it up.


I don't have crash in every games though, I never encountered a driver crash in Skyforge for example or Cities Skylines.

Before someone ask, I did a clean Windows installation when I upgraded to Windows 10 (I formatted it)


Graphics Card

MSI R9 390 8G
No overclocking done on it except the factory OC from MSI.

AMD Catalyst Driver Version, and Driver History- include driver version currently used, and version(s) tested previously

Current version : 15.8 beta
Driver used : 15.7

Operating System

Windows 10 64bit

Issue Details

On some games the video driver crash which lead to a black screen during 2 seconds and then the game close with a message that says "Video driver crashed and was rebooted"

I tried to lower the graphical settings in the games that crash but even in the lowest configuration the games still crash (No AA, V-Sync disabled...)

Applications and Games

Games I tested which has the problem : Ark Survival Evolved, Grand Theft Auto 5, Total War : Attila
Games I tested which has not the problem : Witcher 3, Cities Skylines, Skyforge

latest versions of all games

CPU Details

Intel I5 3570k

Display Device(s) and Connection(s) Used

LG Flatron W2361V

Motherboard or System Make & Model

MSI Z77A-G45

Motherboard BIOS Version

System Memory Type & Amount

Corsair low profile Vengeance 2x4go 1600mhz

Power Supply

Corsair GS600 80plus (600w)
Gaming Series™ GS600 — 80 PLUS® Certified Power Supply