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AMD FX-6300 e Asus M5A78L-M/USB3

Question asked by gerep on Sep 9, 2015
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I just bought those items for my machine:


  • Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 (90-MIBG70-G0EAY00Z), para AMD AM3+
  • AMD FX-6300 (FD6300WMHKBOX), 3.5Ghz, Socket AM3+, Black Edition
  • Radeon R7 260X (2GBD5-DHV4E/OC)
  • Fonte CX-500W Corsair CP-9020047-WW, Potência Máxima 500W , 80 Plus Certified BRONZE, Faixa de frequência de entrada 47 - 63 Hz
  • 3x Kingston kvr16n11/4


At the beginning I was using Windows 7 64bit, and I got a notification to update to Windows 10.


Since the first day (09/01) until last night it was working.


Today morning in the boot screen I got a message telling me to press F2 to load the default BIOS configuration and Windows 10 started to load and it showed a blue screen.


I thought the BIOS problem could be related with the motherboard battery and changed it but it didn't solve the problem, it continued asking me to press F2.


BIOS version is 2101, the latest.


I've removed the video card and HD and testes just the processor and motherboard with one RAM and I got the same result.


In some pages I read people saying that my processor and motherboard are not compatible, but according to the description of both, they are compatible.


I don't think it is a compatibility issue.


Is there a chance Windows 10 caused that?


Thanks a lot!