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CLIstart.exe - Error in Application

Question asked by walt on Sep 9, 2015

Hello all,



I ve got a problem with my lenovo notebook started two days ago. When I start Win8.1 I notice that the notebook runs in a very slow speed, sometimes everything but the mouse freezes. After several minutes it suddenly stops and I can work without any problem. Today, it showed my this window (screenshot), then windows started working as usual and so i thought it may be a problem of "CLIstart.exe".


Screenshot .jpg


It says: the order of "0x00007FF6319AAF61" refers the memory to "0x00007FF6319D7008". The necessary data wasn't send to the RAM because of an "E/A-error" in "0xc0000185".


So guys, I hope you can help me fixing it, I'd be very thankful!