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Stuck with black border around screen

Question asked by murrock on Sep 9, 2015


I've tried everything. I've searched the web on the matter and cannot come up with a valid solution.

Basically, I just got a new monitor and been playing around with the settings to fix the horrible... everything. I stumbled on the "underscan & overscan". Sadly, I moved the setting to see what it did and when I did, I got stuck on the 1% settings (black border all around) despite going back to 0%. So, I restarted my computer to see if it went away and sadly it only got smaller, but remained there. Basically, in terms of visual, imagine it being 0,5% instead of 1% in terms of width. That border has even spread to my extended monitor. It's annoying as hell; especially since the top border shows, above it,  a bit of the background, therefore making it worse than just a lil' black border.
I'm out of ideas and out of patience as well. I've tried restoring to factory default, uninstalling all the drivers and reinstalling but nothing has changed. Not to mention I can't even use the customer service ticket since the page has a code bug or something.


Useful information:

Monitor 1: BenQ GL2460 via HDMI
Monitor 2: Old Dell monitor no idea the model connected via DVI

Video card: Radeon R9 290

Windows 8.1


Would really appreciate any help on this frustrating day !