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Radeon HD 7950 does not throttle itself

Question asked by polyesterpeanut on Sep 8, 2015
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Recently I ran a benchmark program, Furmark, to see if my Radeon 7950 was the source of an overheating problem that I am currently having. I wasn't expecting any issues as I believed (and still do) that my computer is crashing due to my AMD fx 8120 reaching temperatures well over its factory maximum of 61C. However, I discovered during the test that the GPU never throttled itself despite reaching 97C--at which I canceled it. I know as a fact it did not throttle because MSI afterburner read that 100% CPU usage the entire time. Is there a reason why I am having this issue? While playing games my GPU never even gets  close to 90C but I would like to tackle this problem first before I do something like invest in a new cooler for my CPU.