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    Want to permanently disable ATI Radeon Graphics card on my HP Pavilion DV4 Laptop



      I have HP Pavilion DV4 Laptop with windows Home Premium. It started to black out screen and take it to service center and they have said the problem is in the ATI Radeon Graphics Card so they format my laptop with the windows 7 home premium (I was using the same windows but pre-installed) without graphics card and the windows started to work without black screen.

      But, now the problem comes today when i have Downloaded and Installed Windows 10 the black screen comes again. I think the new Windows 10 automatically activated the faulty ATI Radeon Graphics Card and stared the black screen. I want to install the New Windows 10 and this Graphics card is creating the problem. So I want ot permanently disable the ATI Radeon Graphics Card from my laptop so that i can install the new Windows 10.

      Please help me.