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    Ol' Deskie



      A prebuilt PC my stepfather bought in 2009. Upgraded the GPU and bought an SSD, and moved it to a new case, but then tore that apart and augmented my PC parts into a desk as a case, with the front IO glued into the top of the desk for easy access and all of my motherboard and GPU IO at the back facing upwards for, again, easy access.


      Upload your rig photos here!





      CPUi7 920
      CoolerMaybe an EVO 212, it doesn't say
      MotherboardPegatron Truckee
      Memory9GB DDR3 531MHz
      GraphicsR9 280x DualX by Sapphire
      Disc Drive 11TB Hitachi HDD
      Disc Drive 2120GB Kingston SSD
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSU750W 80+ Bronze Certified
      CaseAn old desk I got on Craigslist (previously a Sentey Siberia)
      Monitor1080p 60Hz LG Generic PnP monitor