HP Envy featuring The 6th Gen FX-8800P

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The HP Envy is a notebook Laptop featuring the latest from the FX-line up, commonly known as Carrizo. The notebook has a sturdy aluminum lid branded with a mirrored HP logo.

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Underneath the lid, we see a 15.6 inch 1366x768 touchscreen. While the resolution seems laughable, the FX-8800P is capable of 1920x1080 (1080P HD)  VSR(Virtual Super Resolution), which makes for a vivid and sharp picture.


Just below the large screen, rests a full-size chicklet keyboard complete with a num-pad and media keys. My experience with the keyboard is very positive, with the keyboard recognizing all of my keystrokes, while the keys themselves are not too "mushy"

Envy Front.jpg


Inside the system,we find the Pride and Joy of this system, The FX-8800P Carrizo APU.

This is a quad-core APU (This uses the same model as the Desktop FX chips; being two cores four modules, thus being quad core)  capable of clock speeds up to 3.4Ghz (However, in the case of this specific laptop, the TDP is limited to 15 watts which seems to limit the clock speed to 2.5GHZ). This APU also features Radeon R7 graphics.







Under the hood, we find 6GB of 1600Mhz DDR3, in the configuration of one 2GB stick and one 4 GB stick both manufactured by Hyundai Electronics.























We also find a 1TB 5400 RPM HDD, a Western Digital Blue, to be exact.





Battery Life

     The HP Envy has a 3 Cell Lithium Ion battery that Is not replaceable(without dismantling the laptop). This battery takes around 2 hours to fully charge and on average has gotten me through around 2 days of use. However, when using playing playing games between classes, the laptop would only last around 10 hours. This is to say, that gaming (Terraria, Minecraft, CaveStory) will substantially decrease battery life.


Media Consumption

     While using this laptop, I have watched Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Crunchy Roll etc, without a hitch. After going through all of the streaming sites that I could think of, I then decided to test files that I had stored locally. It was at this point I was surprised. I was able to watch 4K video without any problems at all. 3840x2160 video without a hitch.Pretty Sweet.

However, gaming is not to be done on this laptop. Due to HP limiting the cTDP to 15W, the GPU and CPU portions of the 8800P cannot both be clocked up at the same time, thus resulting in getting poor frame rates due to low CPU or GPU clock speeds. Games like Terraria, Minecraft, Cavestory, and The Binding Of Isaac are able to be played however.


Work Experience

     This Laptop is wonderful for a student. the touchscreen allows for easy access between applications and opens up some pretty smooth transitions while using web browsers. My personal favorite application of the touch screen is the ability to touch the text you need to edit while in an essay or long writing assignment. This is something that I use every time that I write, and will not be able to go back. VSR to 1080P gives this laptop plenty of screen real estate.  As a summary, the 15.6" Touchscreen combined with the VSR capabilities of the 8800P makes this a spectacular buy for students or working needing plenty of room for activities.



     My final verdict on this laptop:

               Pros: Stylish

                         Great Build Quality

                         Backlit Keyboard with numpad


                         Bang&Olufsen Speakers


               Cons: Not for Gamers

                          Battery Life can be a bit short


     I recommend this laptop for a worker or student who needs a workhorse capable of plowing the fields and playing a little. That is to say, a laptop that can get all of the work done and still allow for light gaming and heavy media comsumption.