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Cursor corruption r9 390

Question asked by rugito on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2015 by rugito

I have recently purchased a r9 390.

I have:

windows 10

R9 390

i5 2400

asrock z67 extreme4 gen3 motherboard

2x 4GB RAM

1 Display= one HDTV 19inch 1080i connected via HDMI



I have done a clean install following guides and using DDU. I installed Catalyst Software Suite 15.7.1 for windows 10.

The problem is my cursor keeps turning into this weird line and if I move it off the screen to the right it returns to normal. This is especially annoying and happens when playing games like Dota 2.


I looked everywhere on the internet and this problem seems to have been around for 15 years!!! Can anyone please help?

I found a forum that said to use a starcraft cursor for windows which actually works but the main problem is that is not possible in games

Any workaround or fix that is not annoying is appreciated