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Question asked by michael89 on Sep 8, 2015
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Hello everyone at amd forums support site


i have a question regarding a temps


I have a laptop with AMD APU A8-4555m with dual graphics

i noticed it was running hot so i open the laptop i clean it very well

i then re-apply new thermal paste then i close it and open it

everything was flawless until i install HWinfo 64 bit in my Windows 8.1 Installation


and i notice this strange thing

Cpu Temp arounr 55 max

1st GPU 7600gm around 44 to 49 temp

2st GPU 8500/8700 at 44 degress without rising even when i was watching a video on youtube @ 720


then i see this weird temp on CPU Core0 Package Temp 89 to 102 degrees


it this temp of Core0 Package Temp a normal temperature for my laptop

or is something happening on it ?


Thanks everyone