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    AMD Power House


      This is my AMD Power House. The CPU, Ram and Video Cards are all AMD. You will notice that when I find brands / manufactures I like, I stick with em. The Motherboard and Video Cards are both Asus. The Fans, Power Supply and the H105 240mm rad & pump are all Corsair. I do most of my recordings with FRAPS hence the Raid 0 just for recording. also because of the raw data of FRAPS, I needed a machine that could run max settings on a game and record in full detail @ 60 FPS without missing a beat, and she can handle it. Sure she turns into a space heater but she has a total of 10 fans and a 240mm rad to help keep her cool. And yes i know the floor looks horrible but I'm in the process of building my man cave and the floor being repainted is on the end of the list. UPDATE: She is currently testing out a quad RAID 0 for storage. The AMD Power House is currently a test bench for my soon to be Ryzen build.

      This is what love looks like SAM_0787.JPG


      The Door light I installed has a quick disconnect for when I need to take the door off SAM_0794.JPG

      Purdy SAM_0795.JPG

      doesn't she look mean SAM_0823.JPG

      That 220 Watt FX-9370 puts this 240mm rad to workSAM_0802.JPG

      South Bridge peeping outSAM_0807.JPG

      My Proud BadgesSAM_0827.JPG

      This Number Is Out Of Date. A Little Tweaking Got Me Over 13300.Dwm 2015-09-17 03-32-15-03.png




      Here she is being upgraded



      CPUFX-9370 @ 4.9 GHz
      CoolerCorsair H105 240mm Duel Fan Rad
      MotherboardAsus Crosshair V Formula-Z
      Memory16 Gigs Of AMD R9 Gamer Edition set @2400 in Duel Channel
      GraphicsTwo Asus R9 290X's 4Gb Crossfire
      Disc Drive 1250 Gb 100MX SSD for System
      Disc Drive 2Two 1 Tb WD Black Editions In Raid 0 for Storage
      Disc Drive 3Two 1 Tb WD Black Editions In Raid 0 for Raw Recording
      PSUCorsair RM1000
      CaseThermaltake Level 10 GT
      Monitor42' Visio Editor Monitor