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Why is my AMD radeon HD 7770 not working with windows 10?

Question asked by harbdans on Sep 6, 2015

Hello everyone,


I have had a dell inspiron desktop with an AMD 7770 for a while now. I upgraded to windows 10 as soon as it was available. It worked fine for the first month or so, but now the graphics card is not working at all. I am using the integrated graphics card for now. When I go to device manager there is no AMD graphics card there, but when I check, show hidden drivers, it appears but is greyed out. From everything I can find the card is compatible. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the AMD website (I have also tried installing the catalyst). I have also tried going into the bios, taking the graphics card in and out of the machine and a few other things but nothing worked.


I would greatly appreciate any help.


Thank you,