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Audio problem by conecting my desktop with HDTV via HDMI cable

Question asked by nikostz7 on Sep 6, 2015

I used to see movies from my pc, using my HDTV's speakers via hdmi cable so i can remotly adjust my audio level depending the scene. i was doing that connecting my hdmi cable to my hd5770 GPU and my lg monitor and setting default from speakers to AMD hdmi output and all working fine(i use win 7 x64). i bought my desktop 5 years ago and never really updated my gpu drivers if i remember correct. now i decided to do my first format and install the latest drivers from the amd website and not from my cd driver and i had no problem with games or videoplayback. Thing is i didnt try to play some audio or movies or games using the speakers of my monitor till yesterday. i was ready to watch a movie changed the default settings to amd hdmi output press the play button and no audio coming out.. i tried streams or games, same problem. i swich to digital tv to see if my speakers work and they are working.tried other hdmi cable still problem exists. only thing i didnt try was to test my monitor at other hdmi device but i think it dosent matter couse monitor was working before the format. so i think this is a software problem with drivers i installed. i uninstalled the catalyst control center and the drivers from my gpu and installed them again from thelinks website suggested me to download. still same problem. one possitive thing is that my friend owns the same gpu with me and took a photo from his catalyst control center and send it to me and we found that "sound" tab is missing from the catalyst. what this thing means?what else i have to do?
Here is my catalyst control center:my pc.png


And here is my friends catalyst control center: my friends pc.jpg


green box is information, yellow box is performance and red box is the one missing from me and its the sound tab.. We have the same gpu and and same drivers updated.

Here is the message it shows me after i press the test option: test message.png

It says that this device is used by other application. shut down apps that use this device to audio playback and try again. but thing is i am not using any program or something.


and here is where i try to play a song with windows media player using the amd hdmi output:media player.png

It says windows media player cant playback this song couse there is a problem with the audio device i own. Maybe there isnt any audio device installed in your pc or used by other programm or dosent work properly.