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1080p 60Hz won't work anymore

Question asked by bigtop1967 on Sep 6, 2015


AMD FX6300 @ 4GHz

16GB - Kingston HyperX KHX2133C11D3/8GX * 2 running @ 2000MHz

HT Link @ 2000 MHz

Bootdrive is a Revo V3 SSD

Sapphire AMD R9 280X Toxic

Dual displays:

AOC2239fwt 1080p @ 60Hz

19W LCD TV (Alba) 1080p 60 Hz


Both used to run fine on Win 8.1 - 60Hz, nice and clear.  Then I upgraded to Win 10 and noticed something odd.


The TV I'm using as my second display looked blurry - I can't read txt properly and everything looks well, awful.  After more experimentation I could fix it by reducing the TV to 50Hz - though not as clear and not ideal.


On closer inspection it looks as though when it's at 60Hz, i'm only getting 960x1080 being displayed.....dragging windows left and right you can see how you're not getting the whole image, but moving them up/down, everything looks as it should. All scaling is off, no filtering is on, nothing.....and when I put it back to 50Hz it works.


I note that the maximum resolution is being incorrectly reported as 1920x540 in windows.  The TV says it's in 1920x1080p 60Hz, but somehow I'm only seeing 960x1080p!!!!


I have no idea why I can't use 1080p 60Hz on my second monitor any more.  When I did  fresh install of Windows 10, it went back to working, until I upgraded the driver and catalyst control center to the one on AMD's download page - 15.7.1.


I tried going back to the driver windows had provided, but that didn't work either.  It's driving me SO mad!  Any one got any ideas?