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r9 270  blackscreen

Question asked by manuskript on Sep 6, 2015

buyed for a budy the msi r9 270 gaming 2048mb 256bit dl dvi/-d because his old videocard was wracked. so he has blackscreen from the beginning. monitor does not recognize anything. tried my iceq 6950, does work flawless on his pc. tried the r9 270 on my system, and my pc does not recognize it eather. it goes straight to the onboard video card. so i used my video card on his pc to install the latest driver. via catalyst control center. but he has still blackscreen.

so what to do?? lots of people have problems with this videocard but noone has n solution.

(it is correct connected and has enough power supply)


system of budys pc: i5-2500, MSI P67A-C43 (B3) (MS-7673 ver 1.0)


(my system: i5-660, p7f7-e ws supercomputer)