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    Are drivers for Radeon R7 M360 portable on Linux (ubuntu) available and working?


      I bought the following computer (HP Pavilion 17-g052ng Notebook), since I was looking for AMD GPU and APU, expecting to install, as always, a clean ubuntu gnome desktop (15.04).


      But unfortunately, I did not succeed to install the graphic drivers and have an ugly 800x600 resolution (with the standard installation).


      I tried:

      - installing the fglxr-updates (version 2:15.200-0ubuntu4.2) package --> then I could not have the gdm login screen (a black screen, I did not look into the log files).

      - installing the lightdm --> I had the login screen (from lightdm) with an higher resolution (no idea which one) but I could not start gnome.

      - starting ubuntu standard (unity) and kubuntu --> did not seem, that it would better work


      Any Idea? (even something like: we know and will fix that soon. Please be patient)


      Please don't make me buy nvidia products!


      If required I can publish any log files.


      Thank you