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Enabling FreeSync causes taskbar flashing in Windows 10

Question asked by reon on Sep 6, 2015

Hi all,


I've recently upgraded my machine and I'm running into an issue as soon as I enable FreeSync in Catalyst Control Center. With FreeSync on, the taskbar icons will start flashing at I believe random moments. I've recorded a video of the issue, please see the following link:


When I disable FreeSync in Catalyst Control Center, the issue disappears completely. I also don't seem to have any issues when playing games with FreeSync enabled.



AMD Radeon R9 380 4GB (Sapphire Nitro)

Samsung U24E590D UHD connected via DisplayPort

Windows 10 Pro x64

AMD Catalyst 15.7.1


If you need any more specs, please let me know.


What can I do about this problem? The flashing is really annoying.