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HD7750 keeps using MBDD despite having installed latest Catalyst drivers

Question asked by rorix on Sep 5, 2015
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I recently did a clean install (no upgrade) of Windows 10 and installed the latest drivers (15.7) from AMD's page. But many times when I boot up the PC Windows defaults to the Microsoft Basic Display Driver and doesn't use the AMD drivers unless I restart the PC multiple times. Sometimes the PC uses the AMD drivers but apparently it's completely random and occurs roughly 20% of the time, so I have to restart  A LOT to get the proper drivers working correctly.


When using MBDD the Radeon icon on the Device manager shows up with a warning triangle but also says that the device driver is up to date and doesn't need to be upgraded. Also shows as working correctly.


I have no idea what is going on, would love some answers because now I can't turn off the PC without spending 30 minutes rebooting when I want to use it again.