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Please update the driver for Vista - it doesn't work!!

Question asked by delicieuxz on Sep 5, 2015



My graphics card is a Gigabyte R9 280x, and I've just installed Windows Vista with SP2.


The latest driver provided by AMD for Windows Vista SP2 is from 2013, and it hangs on installation every time, and hangs indefinitely.


Apparently there is no reason why the latest driver that is supplied for Windows 7 should not also work with Windows Vista, and there is a guide for how to try installing newer AMD drivers with Vista, here:


The problem with trying to install the Windows 7 driver on Vista is that the installer itself isn't compatible with Vista, and runs into a few errors while trying to install that cause the installation to fail - even though the files are able to be copied to Vista, and even though the driver itself is (apparently) compatible with Vista.


Could AMD not provide an up-to-date installer-package for Vista? Right now, there is no driver offered from AMD that works on Vista - even though there is a Vista installer offered from AMD, it doesn't work every time I try to install it. It'd be really nice to be able to use my AMD graphics card on Vista.


Thanks for considering this.