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different scaling for a multi-monitor setup

Question asked by felixraven on Sep 5, 2015

Hello All!

I just bought a new monitor, that is an Acer 27" UHD monitor.

But I also kept an older one, which is a Samsung Syncmaster204B (1600x1200).

My question is (or there is no solution at the moment, it is something for developers to consider):

how to set up different scaling for the different monitors?

I mean, if I set the scaling in Windows desktop setup to the new UHD monitor, characters become extra large on the older monitor.

That would be great to set this to each monitor. Some applications adapt if I move them from one screen to other, but not all.

Can this be forced in the AMD driver?

Other thing: if I set Clear Type to one of the monitors, then characters become blur on the other.

Thanks  regards,