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Windows 10 GPU Scaling Flickering

Question asked by afternoonsir on Sep 5, 2015



I have recently upgraded to Window 10 (the regrets) and I have had quite a few issues with it..

The main issue being whenever there is any movement or interaction on the screen, the display flickers like mad.

(It is especially horrid when I log into Steam and get all the notifications letting me know what friends are online, it is a constant barrage of epilepsy inducing sadness)

I think I know the reason for why it does this, or at least maybe some of the reason.. Let me explain..


First of all, I am using AMD Catalyst Control Center. I have an ASUS 27 inch monitor which I must have the GPU scaling set to 0% Overscan (default is 10% Underscan for 1920x1080 I believe) otherwise I have the black border around the screen which isn't flush with the edge of my monitor. When I set the GPU scaling to 10% it obviously has the black border but it stops the flickering in all cases.


I could leave it on 10% to avoid the flickering but the extra size of my monitor would be redundant.


There must be some fix out there, all help is appreciated!


Thank you in advance!