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    Far Cry 2 glitches with latest stable Catalyst 15.7.1 on Windows 10


      Hi all,

      recentely I restarted to play Far Cry 2 (using DirectX 9 since DirectX 10 was less stable in this game) after my upgrade to Windows 10 64 bit. Sadly, the official drivers I've installed, that is the latest stable Catalyst available (15.7.1) have several issues. More in detail:


      • The game took about 1 minute to start (no hard disk activity), on windows 7 with the HP drivers dated 2011!!!!!! the game launch in few seconds. This reminds me the driver problem of Windows 10 black screen on startup (see here AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 cause black screen before login screen Windows 10))
      • Terrible glitches on vegetation and trasparencies (see images)
      • Stuttering even if less noticeable than other games (Team Fortress 2 is probably the worst and is really a pain to play)


      My notebook is an HP with dual graphics, Intel 3000 + Radeon HD 6770m, a very common combo. Of course all this problems was not present with the old HP drivers dated 2011...


      Despite I have finished the game yesterday, I wish to report the issues anyway so we can hope that AMD can finally fix the serius issues ASAP on their latest drivers.