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Looking to upgrade from HD5450 for Triple Qnix... Or should I?

Question asked by seaneboy on Sep 4, 2015

I just purchased another round of Qnix monitors for my work setup.. However they have HDMI, and DVI (single) in.  Is there any AMD card that would be better for me than others, given that setup?  Or, will I still need some adapters to make it happen?  Other situation is this is a Dell computer, Optiplex 390, and I have no clue what is in here for a power supply.. I'm also running an i5-2400 in it.  Again, no gaming being done here, only admin work.


Is it worth me 'upgrading' to another card that might run these 'better'? Or, considering the fact that I'm not gaming, should I just buy another HD5450, and the necessary adapters? I'm kind of hoping I can save some money by upgrading to the right card, but from the looks of it, I think I'm going to need some adapters anyway.


Any input is greatly appreciated!