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Display driver failed to start

Question asked by azryu on Sep 4, 2015

Hello everyone,


I'm having an issue where I'm trying to load a game and my "display driver failed to start". Upon trying to boot the game my primary monitor goes completely black and my second one does as well... except my second monitor will sometimes flicker partial images of my desktop. This happens for a few moments and then Window's 10 presents a notification saying " display driver failed to start. Screenshot attached to this question. This does not happen to every game, specifically "Second Life". Incredibly weird game— I know— but I have some friends like to hang about there and I'd really like to be able to spend some time with them on occasion again.


Anyone know of anything that may help? I've tried using the latest drivers (even the beta one for Windows 10) with no success.


Thanks so much.


VGA SAPPHIRE|100362-2SR R9 290 4GD5

— Windows 10 (all available updates installed)