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    Sapphire VGA PCI X R9 295x2 8GB


      Computer Speccs:


      Cpu: Intel CPU Core i7-5960X (2011-3,3.00GHz/20Mb)

      Mobo: MSI X99S GAMING 9 ACK (2011-3,X99,DR4) (AMI BIOS v2.4)

      VGA: Sapphire VGA PCI X R9 295x2 8GB (WaterCooling) [Catalyst v15.7.1]

      Ram: 4x TeamGroup RAM DDR4 16GBKit (2x8GB) Dimm 2400MHz Elite+

      SSD: Samsung SSD 1TB Sata III 850 Pro

      PSU: Corsair PSU AX 1200W 80+ Platinum Modular

      OS:  Microsoft Win 8.1 64bit English DSP


      My problem is with my mouse (microsoft) with dual monitor, through a digital KVM switch.When im typing or when im switching monitors, my mouse dissapears and i get blue artifacts behind mouse cursor. After a while my mouse is lost and i cannot see my cursor.

      I ve read many forums, saying about pointer precision, about registry changing a value from 0 to 1, but after a while same problem appears again.

      Is very frustrated, because my computer build is very expensive and my costumer is unsatisfied.

      I believe my problem has to do with catalyst drivers.

      Tested catalyst versions of :


      14.4 4/25/2014

      14.9 9/29/2014

      14.12 12/9/2014

      15.7 7/8/2015

      Same problem persists.

      Thanks for your time.