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artifacts on new card

Question asked by a_little_irritated on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by goodplay

Just bought a brand new Gigabyte Radeon R9 280, for a brand new computer build.


Everything works great except for the card;  it has artifacts like mad.  On startup, in use, at random, etc.  It will literally work ok sometimes, then suddenly begin to show artifacts, flash teh screen a few times with increasing problems, then begin to crash the display and eventually black/white out and force a shutdown from me.


Other graphics cards work flawlessly.




AS OF NOW though, I am able to use the computer with the mentioned card above, and no artifacts (this is a rare occurrence, as I've tested it for 2 days now).  I saw some green pixels/lines appear twice but they went away and haven't gotten worse. 


My issue though is even though things appear to be working, I cannot play any games and multiple errors appear for different ones.  They all are related to DirectX and it's features such as 3d and, acceleration and drawing and the like.  I've tried multiple solutions from multiple websites/other threads, and got nowhere.  They all repeatedly mention maxing the performance bar in the Display settings, but that's maxed out already.  They mention I can edit certain files in RegEdit, but they aren't there.  Most tell me I need to ENABLE the features, if they state they are DISABLED.......but there is no option to do so.  There is no box that I can click, nor a greyed out one.  It literally -isn't there-. 


So to summarize-----Brand new card has artifacts and failures repeatedly.  If it doesn't, it still can't 'do' anything and there are no solutions working.