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Drivers for Windows Vista?

Question asked by warwolfrider on Sep 4, 2015

Okay, so I'm going to build a alternate gaming PC for older games 2000-2010 stuff. I plan to use Windows Vista 64bit ultimate. Please don't question my OS choice I don't want to go into why i'm using it and its irrelevant. I was going to use a APU for this build and was hoping to use an A10 7850k which should be more then powerful enough to do what I what. I may add a GPU later but not right now. My question is does the 7850k have drivers for Vista and if it doesn't what APU has relevant drivers and if none do what GPU can I use that has drivers? I really don't want to use my CD key and get screwed because my hardware doesn't have driver support... Yes, I'm willing to use older hardware I just don't want to. I believe that driver support for vista ended in 2013... not sure.


All I want is a relevant system running vista thats powerful enough to run BF4 with descent FPS on mid to low setting... Although I don't plan to play BF4 on this system...maybe bf3 idk...