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    Refund for a patch that destroys my video card. 15.7.1 killed my card.


      I recently downloaded and attempted to install amd-catalyst-15.7.1-win10-64bit.


      My card is a Radeon R9 270. I've had it for almost a year.  It was working fine. No problems at all.


      Until I downloaded this patch.


      Since downloading the patch the card is not recognized.  I have been tearing my hair out for the last four days trying to find out what has gone wrong.


      I've gotten some help on another thread, but it seems that the people who were responding do not have any workable solutions.


      I feel as if this patch has killed my card and it WILL cost me money now.


      I will have to go buy another expensive video card. This one cost me about $250 this time last year. Think I'll buy another Radeon card?  Hah, not a chance.


      My question is, does AMD have any responsibility for foisting a patch on people that destroys their ability to use their video card?

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          Hey jiggs_casey,


          Please don't take any offense when I say that, I would prefer not answer this query in regards to such a highly unlikely theoretical situation. Solely based on the fact that I'd prefer instead, to attempt to offer a resolution and depending on the depth of your issue at hand, it may take time to provide you with one. So with that being said, I am interested in your current issue. Please provide a link to the location of the thread where previous users were attempting to troubleshoot your issue, so I can eliminate any possible solutions they may have offered you so as to not waste your time or my own by asking you carbon copy initial questions. Once you do provide the link, I will review the contents and provide you with guidance when available.


          Thank you and have a nice day.

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              Here's the thread.  I'm hoping that someone may have an answer to it soon.  If I haven't fixed it by Saturday I'm going to need to get another card.





              I haven't had this R9 for a year yet so I'm thinking it may still be under warranty (purchased at Best Buy).  I would think that if AMD offers a patch that seems to do such damage to my system that I am no longer able to use the card . . . they should be liable for this.


              I have followed ALL of the installation instructions to the letter.  Over and over again.


              The card was was working.  I downloaded the patch.  Now the card is not working.  Not even recognized.  Seems clear to me that the patch is the problem.


              It's a problem that is going to cost me money if it is not solved by Saturday.


              It has already cost me hours and hours of trouble over the last four days.


              Yes, I'm pi$$ed.