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    Freesync demo wont allow me to enable Freesync?


      I've tried both the 15.7 and 15.8 beta drivers and am using Windows 10 Home, all drivers uninstalled using Display Driver uninstaller


      I have an R9295x2 and the monitor is a Samsung U32E850R connected via DP to miniDP


      Freesync option enabled on monitor (standard and ultimate options tested) and in CCC


      When i start the Freesync Windmill demo i can see that it detects the monitor as Freesync capable but it wont allow me to enable freesync in the demo and i can see that its not enabled in games as i still get tearing.


      I have tried with Crossfire on and off as you reported these drivers allow for crossfire and freesync to work together.


      Does anyone have any advice as i can see from multiple Google searches that I'm not the only person with this combination of GPU and monitor that is having these issues.


      If you need any more info let me know as i'll be hovering around the forums waiting for a reply



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          Hey having exact the same problem under Windows 7


          I have nearly the same setup an R9 295x2 and a Samsung U28E850R connected via the DP to miniDP


          Hoping for a quick response

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              Seen one or two other posts with the exact same issue... all using the R9 295x2, i've submitted a report as I doubt we'll get anything resolved via this post. Chances are we'll have to wait for another driver update


              Tried another DP cable just in case, no change...

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                    In games have you tried running it in "Full Screen Mode" - FreeSync at this time does not work when games are in "Windowless Border" or "Window Mode"


                    Make sure the DisplayPort cable you are using is VESA compliant and also not using any conversion cables in between the monitor and graphics card.


                    Try cold starting the monitor and your computer (both monitor and PC completely powered off) then powering them both on to see if it detects and working afterwards.


                    Also make sure you clear your display EDID in your windows OS or remove the previous profile.  I notice that if people modified previous EDID files for the OS to over ride the EDID communication for their previous monitor, it may affect the communication to the new monitor.


                    Another thing you can try is if you know someone that has a FreeSync capable card - take the monitor there to try it to see if it work.

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                        Hi I've been playing in fullscreen mode for all games, the displayport cables tested were chosen from the VESA compliance list and its just a straight forward DP to miniDP cable with no adapters. The monitor and PC have been cold booted together, CCC detects Freesync and i'm able to enable it both in CCC and the monitor OSD but it still doesn't enable it in the demo and I'm still seeing tearing in games.


                        When you say to clear my EDID i'm assuming a full OS wipe and and reinstall will suffice? All drivers were uninstalled using DDU in prior tests and I've tried both current versions of the driver.


                        I don't really know anyone else with a Freesync compatible card but given that the various people with the same issue are using different monitors and different GPU setups it would seem that certain SLI configs are still broken in this driver.


                        Do AMD ever get back to people when they log a fault/issue? Or do I just have to wait till the next update without knowing if its ever going to be fixed?

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                            I have the same problem as you do. But I have the 28" samsung 4k freesync display.     My monitor is freesync "on" in menu and the CCC is checked to freesync on.  But windmill demo will not let me cut on freesync.   Will a 1.2 cable work?  Or do I need a 1.2a mini display port cable to display port cable?    Is there another way to tel if freesnc is working?  Like another demo?  -peace