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    My little sisters PC



      This is a computer I built for my little sister thats  actually entirely made of spare parts.


      Its a very well preforming PC actually and would recommend all the parts here, except maybe the case, PSU, and hard drive. Mainly because they're all fairly old, or just cheap.


      The PSU is okay for this build, because she obviously doesn't do any overclocking, and only does web based "gaming" after all shes only 9 lol.






      Tell me how my cable managment is guys! I know I can improve on it a little, but I dont have too much time on my hands to do some detailing. Sadly this case is not meant to manage cables. So i tried my best. (I like to think im good with cables )



      CPUAMD A10-6700
      CoolerAMD FX cooler
      MotherboardAsus A88XM-Plus
      MemoryCorsair Vengeance 1866mHz - 1x4gb
      Graphicsbuilt in (APU)
      Disc Drive 1WD caviar SE? 160gb (yeah its an old drive)
      Disc Drive 2
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUDiablotek 400w
      CaseSome cheap case from the early 2000's
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          It looks really good for what you have to work with.I had a Cooler Master CM Stacker STC-T01-UW Black/ Silver Aluminum full tower case ,

          that had NO room for hiding the power supply's cables.I just tied up and tucked out of the way best I could.That is all I can suggest here.

          Just tie up the cables and tuck out of the way best you can .Other than that it looks really good ! !

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              I tried my best with these, Although I was mostly focusing on keeping the fans and heat generating components (cpu, motherboard, chipset) Free from cables.

              Overall this computer runs nice and cool, and that's important


              Maybe later I'll go back and do some detailing

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              Good job, adr_tech!

              That is a great brother to build your little sister a little hot rod!

              Hey that looks really cool. It rocks ! Proud of you man...

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