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AMD r9 380 constant crashes in unreal engine

Question asked by bobslay on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by jasonz001



I have purchased a R9 380 in mid July, and since then, unreal engine is constantly crashing with a windows popup saying that the display driver had stopped working, but was restarted.



I have started a topic in the Unreal Engine forum, and it seems i am not the only one with this specific card to have this specific problem.

I was on win7 at first, then bought win10 and on a fresh install of win10, with only the display drivers and unreal engine installed, it still crashed.


I have also sent feedback once to AMD through the form at the end of the driver installation about this matter.


As i upgraded my computer in july, i'm still in the process of getting everything back on it, as much as my limited bandwidth allows me.

So far, i have found only 1 game constantly crashing. It is the only game i have which was made in unity3d. The other 2 games i have installed have their own engine and are not crashing.


My questions:

Is anyone else with this card experiencing very frequent crashes while working in unreal or unity ?


Is anyone else with this card experiencing very frequent crashes in any game ?


Is anyone from AMD able to acknowledge if there is indeed an issue with the driver, and what would be a reasonable ETA for fixing it ?

I have no problem with waiting a bit IF i know there is a fix incoming.



link to the discussion i already had in the unreal engine forum, along with everything i tried so far.



thanks !