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Black screen after windows logo with mouse cursor

Question asked by petitgnoll6 on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2015 by petitgnoll6

Hi everyone,


My computer (HD 6870 ; I5 2500k ; windows 7) is having some annoying trouble: when I boot, i get a blackscreen (but with some light switching (backlight I guess ?)) after the windows logo. I have my mouse cursor and I can BLIND type my password, then I hear the sound of windows starting. But I still have a blackscreen.


I don't know if their was any driver update, I was on holidays, my friend using my computer and he didn't notice any changes, he doesn't know if their was any auto update (he didn't do any manual update).


Anyway, I uninstalled AMD driver, got my graphic card in vga mode and it boots fine.

I did many "clean" uninstalls for AMD driver (by software menu in windows, with the clean uninstall amd software, with DDU,both in safe and normal mode)

Nothing changes, still get a black screen with mouse cursor.


I tried installing other driver version, i got a whql one for 2014 (13.2 I think), same problem. I tried with many drivers, same problem all the time.

I tried installign drivers manually (by device manager) and with amd setup. I tried custom installs and full installs.

My windows was up to date.

I tried sfc /scannow, no errors.


In the end, I tried a clean WINDOWS install. So I formated my ssd and re installed windows and ..... Still the black screen when I install the newest AMD driver (15.7).


I read somewhere it could be a problem with ahci, but in sys32 files, i only see amdsata.sys and amdxata.sys ; i don't see otherssata drivers (like amd_sata/xata.sys) so I didn't try to delete them (like it was advised in some post I read).

Because I have ssd, i can't go in IDE mode (i tried anyway, it showed the "no operating system" message).




Any ideas guys ? I googled and tried for more than 7hours, out of ideas now.