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    ati omega drivers 24 display setup


      Please kindly confirm the maximum number of displays that we can connect with 2 x R9 290x Radeon GPU in crossfire configuration with ATI Catalyst Omega Drivers.





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          • Radeon Series cards can support "Up to" 6 Displays each, depending on the Card and which ports are installed on it. (See below for more information about the R Series Cards)


          • AMD CrossFire™ is a technology which can combine up to four GPUs to speed up the rendering of 3D graphics. In AMD CrossFire setups all displays outputs are connected to the primary (master) card and outputs on the slave card(s) are disabled. 


          • If you can be more specific about what type of 24 Display setup you are looking for, so we can give better recommendations.



          Information about Multiple Display Support for R Series Cards:



          As shown in the above screenshot, the R Series cards can support 3 displays, without Active Adapters, when the first 2 displays are connected to the DVI ports and the 3rd to the HDMI port. After that you can connect a MST 1.2 Display Port Hub to add a further 3 displays. The 3 Displays connected to the MST 1.2 Hub do require Active Adapters.


          This ONLY works when 2 displays are connected to the DVI ports and the 3rd to the HDMI port.


          You can read more about R Series multiple display connection setups on the following link:



          You can read more about approved MST 1.2 Hubs on the following link:



          You can find a list of approved Active Adapters here:


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              I intend to connect to 2 ATI Radeon GPUs in Cross fire mode on a workstation. Can i connect 12 1080p Display port based LED Screens.


              LEDs from 1 to 6 will connect with GPU No.1 and LEDs from 7 to 12 will connect with GPU No.2 via display port. I will also use 4 -  1into3 MST DP1.2 hubs.

              ATI Radeon cards are also available in 2 Display port option which shall let me use 2 MST DP1.2 Hubs with each GPU.


              ATI Omega Drivers slides on the web confirm support for upto 24 display support via 4 GPU when used in Crossfire as per below URL:-