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    This can work? GPU + APU


      hello, first of all, please excuse me, for my really bad english and grammar (its not my native language and also i am using the Google translate hehe), well the question is that i want to give my brother a new pc, but i am not so wealthy, and i wanto to use the APU, i was planning to use this combination


      MB: A88X-Pro

      Ram: DDR3 2133Mhz

      CPU: A10-7850k

      GPU: R7 250 1GB DDR5


      But the true question is, the GPU and CPU would work as Crossfire? or i can use the A10-7850k with a R7 3XX ? (obviously as a single GPU)

      any recommendation


      Thank you for the help  : )

      have a good day

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          You can use the A10 - 7850K with the R7 250 card. The R 300 Series cards are not supported with Dual Graphics as those cards have higher performance in a standalone mode then if used in a Dual Graphics setup.



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              so its better the A10-7850k with the R7 250 and the 2400Mhz of RAM than a R7 3XX?

              the R7 250 must be the DDR3 versión? or can be the DDR5?

              thank you for the quick answer

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                  As stated above a R7 360 (currently the lowest end R7 3xx model) would give higher performance running by itself then a Dual Graphics setup. There are many reasons for this but one of the main benefits of a single GPU vs Dual Graphics, is that Dual Graphics (like CrossFire) only activates when playing a CrossFire compatible game in Full Screen mode.


                  Another thing about Dual Graphics setups is that the higher end GPU in any setup would have downscale to match the same "throughput" speed of the lower end one. Because the A10 - 7850K has 512 Stream Processors and would need to run off the DDR3 System RAM any Discrete GPU matched with it would end up clocking its total "throughput" to that amount. This is why the R7 250 is recommended for a Dual Graphics setup with this APU. The R7 250 also has 512 Stream Processors and comes with DDR3 (or GDDR5) Dedecated RAM versions. This would mean that very little "down-clocking" would be done with that Card. With the GDDR5 versions you would lose a small amount of bandwidth but the combination should run better overall when playing in "Full Screen Mode" in compatible games.


                  The R7 360 on the other hand comes with 768 Stream Processors and runs 2GB of GDDR5 memory (around double the speed of DDR3). This card also has a higher GCN version then the R7 250 and the "throughput" of it would be better overall then the Dual Graphics setup mentioned above. Also because it is a "Single GPU" setup the total power of the card is available at all times, and is not limited to "Full Screen Mode" in compatible games.


                  Further Points:

                  • Games which do not support Multiple GPU performance would not benefit from Dual Graphics setups.
                  • Even with compatible games playing in Dual Graphics (and CrossFire) mode, the secondary GPU is never really used to 100% of its potential. This is known as GPU Scaling. As such even if you had twice as many Stream Processors overall in a Dual Graphics (or CrossFire) setup, the total "throughput" performance of the card would not "double" when compared to a single Graphics Card.
                  • Any other applications or programs which utilize hardware acceleration (Graphics Processing) would be limited to only one of the GPU's in a Dual Graphics setup.


                  As such, if you are only thinking performance wise, the R7 360 would be better for you then a Dual Graphics (APU + GPU) setup.

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