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Performance Issues in Elite Dangerous

Question asked by xenogenics on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by nbd4713

Hi there, I'm running FX 8350 with Sapphire R9 380.


There is a medium for travel between system to system or star to star, lets call this Hyperspace.


There is a medium for travel between planet to planet or signal to signal, lets call this Superspace.


There is a medium for travel between ship to ship or asteroid to asteroid, lets call this Normalspace.


Hyperspace, Superspace, and Normalspace. Got it? Great.


The current version 15 drivers both beta and non beta, I've tried them all, have performance issues in Superspace, where the FPS gradually drops from over 100+ to a snail's pace like 15 FPS. (Some players report 7 FPS.)


Players have figured out how to go around this issue, by installing the version 14 drivers. Codenamed: Omega if I'm not wrong. This fixes the issues in Superspace.


However, as you can see, R9 3XX users like me have no solution for this problem, as version 14 drivers does not support the 3XX series, or vice versa, and version 15 not only raises problems in Elite Dangerous, but in other games as well. Such as sudden crashes, screen freezing, etc.


I would like to know an overestimated ETA of a stable version 15 driver, or at least let 3XX users use version 14 drivers if the software/hardware allows it. (I'm no engineer.)


Thank you.