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5 things to know about Intel's new Skylake processors

Question asked by kingfish on Sep 2, 2015
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A “once in a decade” experience: That’s how Intel is describing the launch of its 6th generation “Skylake” Core processors, which it claims will offer groundbreaking speed, graphics performance, and battery life—particularly in conjunction with Windows 10.

At IFA 2015 in Berlin, the company introduced the new chips, which will power the full range of PCs from entry-level laptops to Xeon workstations. There was lots of info to digest, but here are the most notable takeaways.

4K gaming and video are a huge focus for the 6th Generation Core processors, which take advantage of H.265 encoding and decoding and other optimizations to ensure smooth playback and an intuitive editing experience.

The new Core processor makes some fairly major changes to PCs possible. Think "a fanless, convertible notebook as thin as a tablet and with as much battery life, but with the performance to run full PC applications,"  Moorhead said.



""two “nearly identical” PCs in a 4K video playback cage match, each simultaneously playing back 15 videos. One machine was powered by a $2,000 Nvidia Titan GPU, while the other used the Core i7 6700K’s integrated HD Graphics 530. Unsurprisingly, the built-in solution blew the discrete video card away, thanks largely to H.265 decoding.""




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