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Why does radeon hd 5000 install slow wifi

Question asked by greg00 on Sep 2, 2015

I have had this Lenovo y560 laptop for years now.  I have been on wired internet almost entirely.  I just moved and have no wired connection anymore, so now I need to address this ridiculously slow wifi issue.  I understand that a wireless connection is slower than wired.  I have been trying to resolve this for the past few hours -  the ONLY thing I have been changing for the past hour is reinstalling and uninstalling my AMD HD 5000 graphic driver (uninstall, reboot, check speed, reinstall, reboot, check speed, repeat).  If I have the AMD driver installed I get 1.5 Mbps download speeds (using Ookla).  If I uninstall it completely and use the standard vga graphic adapter, I get 15 Mbps download speed.  Why is the graphics driver controlling this??


I am supposed to get up to 110 Mbps download with my provider's package (and my roommate does - wirelessly).  Granted, I am further from the router than he is, but still have a five bar connection.  Also, from network settings my adapter status shows around 15 Mbps no matter which graphic driver is installed.  It seems like I am connected fine, but somehow the graphics driver is slowing the speed.  Thoughts?


I have a basic computer knowledge background, but I am not comp sci or anything.  All I know is there is a pattern here and I have no clue why.  I need a graphics driver that is not the standard vga adapter and 15Mbps download.  Please help.