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firepro s7000 not recognized by bios

Question asked by dougv on Sep 2, 2015

Hello, I have a Supermicro mobo X9DBL-i  Rev 1.02 In a ABMX server

Power supply: pws-665-pq (W/ 6 pin graphics power), dual Xeon, 32 GB DDR3, running Multipoint 2012 Pro.

Video cards: w4100 2GB; S7000 4GB


Problem: The W4100 is recognized by the bios and boots fine. The drivers are installed and updated. When I take the W4100 out and install the S7000, the bios doesn't even recognize the card is there.

I have installed it into a different box with an Intel mobo, and it operates fine. I don't understand why the W4100 is being recognized and the S7000 is not.