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Kaveri iGPU P-State information is not documented in BIOS and Kernel Developer's Guide (BKDG)

Question asked by logiotek on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2015 by logiotek

I am working on a fork of AmdMsrTweaker on GitHub LogioTek/AmdMsrTweaker · GitHub  to try to add Kaveri iGPU P-State information/control but after scouring through BKDG I was unable to find any relevant DPM / P-State information for iGPU.


Does anyone know in what registers iGPU P-State / DPM information is located or can point me to the relevant documentation? It must be documented somewhere because programs like CPU-Z and GPU-Z provide some (but not all) relevant iGPU P-State information.


Can one of you AMD guys that monitoring this board reach out to one of your internal AMD sources knowledgeable about APUs for more information regarding this?