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AMD Video Driver Problems in Diablo III game

Question asked by rake1949 on Sep 2, 2015

I have a HP Envy computer with an on-board video driver set Radeon HD 8670D.  Recently upgraded from 8.1 to WIN 10.  Have had no issues - absolutely none.  Streaming videos (Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, etc) all play exceptionally well and jitter, no freezing, etc.  When I play Diablo III, again the video is generally smooth, etc...all good...except for one minor detail.  when I get to a particular point in the game (Desert Sands, Act II) the game freezes.  I can play any of my characters at any other level for hours...with absolutely no problems.  It works perfectly...except for that one spot.  I have researched this extensively with Battlenet and their only answer is that it is an AMD driver problem.  How can that be reasonable?  If that were true, then why does it not freeze up at any other spot - randomly or otherwise.  With a freeze occurring only at one location (consistently) would that not be a programming glitch?  I have re-installed the game, made sure I have all the patches/updates, etc...updated video drivers....nothing works.  Any one out there with any ideas? The help would be appreciated.  Battlenet seems to be a losers market for sure.