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      I have built this all on a pretty tight budget spread out over time. Some things I was lucky enough to win like the monitor, which I won during the AMD twitch stream from DOWNL1NK, as well as my CPU, and eBay helped me get some other parts cheaper. I cut out for the radiator and the window fan and bought the grills for them from Mnpctech.





      CPUAMD FX 8350
      CoolerRajintek 240
      MotherboardAsus M5A99FX PRO R2
      MemoryGeil Black Dragon DDR3 1600 4x8GB
      GraphicsMSI R9 390X Gaming 8G
      Disc Drive 1120GB SSD
      Disc Drive 2320GB SATA
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUCorsair HX1000W
      CaseDIYPC slightly modded.
      MonitorAsus MG297Q
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          Sounds like a nice solid rig, looking forward to seeing some pictures ;D

          How is that Raijintek working for you? Been looking to upgrade from my H80I to a 240m AIO and that one was pretty high on my list lol

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              I like it a lot although since my case is smaller than I really need I had to buy some tubing so I could cut it to the length I needed to keep it from kinking. The tubing is cheap so no big deal. I would suggest that you test it before installing it completely to make sure it isn't leaking or anything since on some reviews people say theirs leaked.

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                  Thanks for the heads up on the leaking, that's actually a worry of mine with my H80i since I bought it refurbished lol. I really like the fact that you can change the tubing on the Raijintek if needed though. I like expandability haha