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Does your AMD HD 5xxx work in Windows 10 on your HP dv7 notebook?

Question asked by ntrails on Sep 2, 2015

I upgraded my HP dv7 4180us to Windows 10, and I cannot get the switchable graphics to switch to the AMD graphics at all.  As a result, I cannot use the HDMI output at all, since it only functions under the AMD graphics card.  The Intel graphics are barely functional and use shared system memory, so any kind of gaming is not really possible at all.  I have updated the BIOS on the machine to a version created in August, 2015.  Prior to that it was nearly impossible to even install the AMD catalyst/driver package... it hung several times half way through the installation, requiring a hard reset, or even worse, a restore operation.


Does anyone out there have ANY HP dv(x) laptop with switchable graphics that is working under Windows 10 ??  If so, what did you have to do to get the functionality to operate normally??  I have exhausted my options and tried several different strategies to get this to work with no success.  Please tell me that you've found a way to get this switchable graphics to work on your HP machine.


Thank you in advance, and I'm awaiting your reply,


Mark D.