HD Radeon 6870 Screen Tearing Issue

Discussion created by boomtastic on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by jevilla

I've been having trouble with my hd radeon 6870 video card for the last few days as it has started to do something it's never done before. It happened when I would open a game such as CS:GO, after a few seconds the screen would turn dark and the screen resolution would appear to be tearing and buggy all over. I restarted my computer and tried running a game again and it would result in the same thing and eventually give me the blue screen of death after going completely black. I reinstalled the drivers for the video card and the most recent ones as well but I still seem to have the same issue on a lesser scale. Now a quarter of my screen is bugged out duplicating a part of my screen. I have a  video as well to show you how it appears currently. The blue line of my second monitor is not part of the issue, the monitor is broken its self. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.