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amd radeon hd 6520G windows 10 64 bit no video since update- why no update ?

Question asked by ajman77 on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by elstaci

Streamed videos are black with audio present. "Unable to play at this time Videos on the HD have "unable to play with format"  AMD support has suggested that "your chip is not supported in windows 10 and you will have problems as long as a suitable driver (because your chip is not win10 compatible).  You can try to install K-Lite mega codec ( and hopefully you can get some results, if not either upgrade your hardware or roll back to Windows 8.1"


My thought is that if the driver worked for 8.1 it should work with windows 10. 6000 series includes this graphic card.


I need an option other than replacing the card. Is there any current driver available?  Many individuals have this situation. since upgrade from W7 and W8.