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Laptop freezes when unplugged- Lenovo z50-75

Question asked by joaquingsalasboza on Sep 1, 2015

When using my laptop unplugged, it freezes after a few seconds. It is still on, but the mouse doesn't move and I cannot use the pc. I investigated and found that there is some kind of trouble with the graphic driver or AMD Catalyst, as after cleaning the pc as if it just came out of the box, it starts having the same error after updating the graphic drivers for my card.


My laptop is:

Lenovo z50-75 with AMD A10 and Radeon R6.

Running Windows 8.1.



I have tried these with no further success:

-Desinstaling AMD Catalyst.

-Restore to previous driver.

-Instaling the driver from the Lenovo Webpage instead from AMD (Same error).



The only way I got it to work was to erase everything and restore, as if it was just taken from the store, but that is just a temporal fix and I cannot enjoy a maximum performance.