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No video on TV with Radeon R7 260X

Question asked by wffilho on Sep 1, 2015

I always used the TV and monitor attached on the board, with duplicated video. As the monitor is VGA (LG Flatron E1940), I use an adapter for DVI-I and the TV (Samsung UN46ES7000GXZD) was connected to the HDMI output.
With the Radeon did the same connections, with the same adapter, but is only generating video to LG monitor. I turned off the PC, disconnect the LG monitor and leave only the TV connected and turned on the PC, no video. I know that the connection is passing information, because television access videos, photos and music from PC by Samsung AllShare program, the problem is just to work as a monitor.
I do not know where the error, but the Catalyst Control Center TV is being recognized with a frequency of 75 Hz, and it seems that can not be changed (VGA monitor gives to easily change), but the TV, when it is connected as a monitor, works on 60 Hz, so it's in the manual. To Windows settings have no choice, I can only choose 60 Hz.
However, the Catalyst also recognizes the LG monitor as 75Hz (it's also 60 Hz), and it usually works.
At the top right of the Catalyst Control Center has a button "Report a problem", what does not work.

PC settings are as follows:

DH67BL Intel motherboard with BIOS updated last week
12 GB of RAM (3x 4GB Kingston 1333)
Core i5-3330 processor
Video Card Powerplay R7 260X OC V4 (updated driver - not the beta)

Powersupply Seventeam ST-550PAP