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[HD6450] Only stereo output trough HDMI (no 5.1) on Win 10 64bit

Question asked by obi-1 on Sep 1, 2015



"Help, I need somebody..." :-)


I have a small problem that make me crazy. 2 weeks ago, I made a fresh install of Windows 10 in 64 bit version.

Everythings works fine excepet that I can't setup a 5.1 or a 7.1 audio configuration. Before, I used Win 7 and I can

setup a multichannel speaker configuration without any problem!


I have installed the latest AMD driver with the HDMI audio driver, driver seems to be good but when I go to the sound

manager, I have only stereo speaker to choose. For an HTPC, multichannel audio missing is not nice. :-)


I don't know where is the problem: Windows 10, AMD driver, motherboard audio driver ?


If someone can help me, I will very, very appreciate it!