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HD 6870 hdmi no signal after windows logo

Question asked by tomitac on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2015 by moonlight

Hello, I've been having some problems the last weeks. One day after the windows logo, the monitor screen said "No signal". It used to work fine sometimes, but other times this problem showed up. Now, this issue is permanent, I always get the same message ("No signal"). I've tried a lot of things, such as installing previous drivers, removing the motherboard's battery, reinstalling windows.


I CAN use the computer without the AMD drivers (with default VGA drivers from Windows), and I can use it in Safe mode also. But it seems to have problems when it has to use AMD drivers. Another thing that I noticed today is that the graphics card is not even sending signal through the VGA output, but the HDMI does. Can you give me any suggestions? I'm tired of this, maybe my graphics card is broken.