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Installed New Graphics Card (XFX R7 360) Now Computer is Freezing

Question asked by dnierstheimer on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by xfxsupport

Hello everyone,


Recently I've upgraded from a ATI RADEON HD 4870 Sapphire Graphics Card (2008) to a XFX AMD R7 360. My specs are


Windows 7 64 bit (No Updated Available)

XFX R7 360B

Z77 Extreme 4 Motherboard (Updated to latest BIOS, just checked)

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570k CPU @ 3.40GHz (4CPUs), ~3.4GHZ

8 GB Ram

Silencer 750 EPS12V 750W Power Supply


I have used Display Driver Uninstaller to remove the previous Driver from the previous graphics card that was formerly installed. I also removed the driver for the on-board graphics card to see if that was causing an issue.


The problem I'm currently having is, after installing the drivers for the new graphics card and rebooting after installation, the computer is freezing on the User Selection Screen. For some reason, it doesn't always fail there and I can continue.


I've successfully made it past the User Selection Screen after installing the new AMD Drivers for the XFX R7 360, but did get a notification saying the "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered."


I've uninstalled the new drivers using Display Drive Uninstaller, removed the R7 360, and repeated the steps of installing the R7 360 again, checking to make sure the capacitors were not domed out or cracked on the top, and making sure it was seated correctly to the motherboard.


I'm currently at the step where drivers need to be installed.


If there's any other information I can provide, please let me know.


Also, as a note, after I installed the graphics card and drivers for the first time it worked and I started a game (Fallout: New Vegas, optimized at Highest Quality) to see how things looked and it ran fine, the decided to try another game, (League of Legends) and when I got into the game, the game crashed and gave a BSoD, after this BSoD is when I found out the computer was freezing on the User Account Screen.


I just loaded dxdiag and I'm noticing that under System Information the System Manufacturer and System Model says "To Be Filled by O.E.M."